Nervous College Kid

Who on earth is not stressed out in this economy?
I’m a senior at a decent 4 year university in California, about to graduate this coming June
I plan to move to LA right after college to pursue a career in film and entertainment
I break down every 2 seconds of my life
I’m stressed out to the max !!!
I think about changing career path and plan every freaking minute
because as graduation comes closer, LA and the entertainment world gets scarier..
I mean in this economy, it’s hard to find any job…LA and entertainment are even harder
Man, I have a crisis every single day
How can I prepare myself to stand out ?
I’m trying to do everything that I can…
but are they enough ????
I’m so frustrated when I meet people who are so relaxed about their future and all…
I wish I can be them
I guess I will use this blog as a form of therapy…
for me to let my anger out
Are you a senior/recent graduate or job seeker too ?
Are you fucking scared ?
Join the conversation. Let’s talk. Let’s help each other…
Because seriously right now, I think I want to check into a mental institution…

College Kid who fucking need to relax !


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