Yay for anonymous blog…
I will talk about all issues that I cannot talk about publicly here…
Diet Diet Diet..
All my life…this has been the freaking issue
I’m a size 6…freaking normal for USA but not Asian culture !!!
I get so much abuse …
I hate this
I’m going to visit Asia (lol I will not specify) this winter
And already relatives are bombarding me to lose weight to size 2
But it’s so hard…
I’m freaking out about finishing college
and It’s winter
I need comfort food
I don’t have mental strength right now to drop to size 2
But i need to…if not, i will get chewed up in Asia !!!
Fuck my life !!!
I’m liking this blog…anonymous blogging…haha what i always do best
It’s so good to be able to vent about my problems
because every single day, I need to be positive
stuff away my negative pessimistic side
need to show good energy
build up reputation
for a bright future
but behind the closet
i’m a fucking weak person…
please someone hold me ??????
Urg…life !


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